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Étagère - A Great Furnishing Choice For Any Kitchen Or Dining Room

You just got done remodeling your kitchen and dining area and now you are in the process of decorating it. So far, you have put a few paintings on the walls, placed a nice vase on the dining table, and that is about it. Well, one lovely ornamental fixture that you could add to your space is an étagère, which also add some practicality to it as well.

Not quite sure what an étagère is, well here is a brief crash course explaining what on is. An étagère is an open are type shelving unit with no back that came into existence during the later years of the 1700's. It was originally made by the French who put a highly ornamental spin to it, incorporating decorative accents and woodworking into its design. Normally, one will sit between four to five feet off the ground while being from one to even three or four feet long and about one to two feet wide. The number of shelves that one will have usually depends upon how tall it is, but the minimum number is three, yet sometimes one can even have five shelves.

Now that you know what at étagère is, it is time to talk about why they are so appealing to the eye. You see, this furnishing still takes on that highly ornamental appearance that was established by the French. What gives it that lovely ornamental look is the stunning materials it can be crafted from, the fabulous finishes that are applied to them, and the different designs that one can have. For example, you can still get one that is crafted out of wood, like an oak or a maple, that has a fabulous cherry finish applied to it while at the same time it features intricate carvings and wood work.

In addition to being crafted out of wood, étagère nowadays are also made out of metal and with that comes some interesting, eye-catching selections. For example, you can get one that is crafted out of wrought iron that has looping scrollwork and a matte black finish. Or, you can get one made form stainless steel that features a twisting design and a brushed finish. Basically, there are just a lot of material and finishing options and they can even be made from a combination of materials including those that are made from wood and glass, metal and glass, and even metal and mirrored glass.

An etagère is not only a good choice for your space because of its beauty, but it also adds some practicality to it as well. Like, how you can use its shelves to store and display different items, including plates, pictures, and flowers. You could even store books on it if you want along with clocks and herb gardens.

Feel like an étagère is something that you want to add to your space, well, a fantastic way to check out the different choices is by hitting the Internet for some online shopping. You can easily breeze through the different choices in no time at all, plus, when you happen upon something you like, it generally is at a really reasonable price compared to the options in the store.

In the end, if you are decorating your kitchen and dining room, a great option for putting in there is a lovely étagère. It is a fixture that is extremely pleasing to the eye that will also add a nice, practical element to your space as well.


Wrought Iron Bar Stool

When you decide to use a wrought iron bar stool as part of your home decor, you can add character to a room. First of all, a iron stool is a touch of the unexpected. Everyone expects to sit on a bar stool that is made out of wood, or some other type of material. But the iron stool adds instant class, sophistication, and character. There are other advantages of owning an iron stool as well.

The first thing, is that the homeowner doesn't have to worry about a wrought iron bar stool in the way that they would have to worry about a wooden stool, or a plastic stool. A wooden stool can develop cracks, and these cracks can invite water damage spots, and or mildew growth in the grains of the wood. Wooden stools, especially outside, can also invite and harbor termites, and other pest. Plastic stools can be less than sturdy. They can also develop stains. But the iron stool won't crack like wood does. It also is extremely sturdy.

A wrought iron stool has a lot of character and sophistication as well. This type of material speaks of having quiet nobility, as well as good taste and class. Because iron is a metal that can be forged and molded, it lends itself to all sort of artistic possibilities. This is why iron is so prized among those who are sophisticated, and that have good taste. There are artists who create iron stool designs that are extremely intricate. At the same time, sometimes people like designs that are more understated. As such, they can buy a iron stool that is very stark and simple. This design can fit the atmosphere of a room just as well.

The thing that a homeowner has to remember is how to care for their iron stool. These iron stools need to be protected from harsh elements. One wouldn't want to keep these outside in cold and harsh weather. The harsh cold could cause the metal to become brittle, and cracks could develop in this way. One wouldn't want to leave these outdoors during rainy days either. Otherwise, the iron will rust and erode. Beyond this, these bar stools are very easy to care for. They are extremely versatile, because the homeowner can change out the seat cushion as much as they wish. A wrought iron stool doesn't come with cushions. So, the homeowner would buy seat cushions to cover the hard seating area. One might be inclined to change out the seat cushions according to seasons, or according to changes in room color, if they wish.


Keeping Your Dining Room Table Clutter-Free

Is your kitchen or dining room table a repository for everything that people can not be bothered to put away? In between meals does it get piled up with the post, books, school bags, hats and shopping just because people are too idle to put things away?

A gorgeous looking table is a delightful sight, whether you prefer a highly polished surface or whether you like to see a tablecloth or a runner. Books, a hat, gloves and keys are certainly not the same.

This kind of mess is a bad practice because at some time or another, someone has to tidy it away and that someone is normally Mum and that sometime is usually just before she wants to set the dining table for a meal, precisely when she does not have the time to do it. Even when the clutter is tidied from the dining table, it usually only ends up somewhere else where it should not be.

If you can not bring to an end this bad practice by instilling some discipline into the members of your family, maybe you could try another line of attack. Screw two or three hooks per person into a board on the wall of your hall so that people can hang things up as soon as they come in and fix containers to the wall with the names of the family members on them so that they can deposit small things in them that they need every day like keys.

People can get into the routine of putting their stuff in their own container and hanging up larger things. Furthermore, if you find something lying around where it should not be, you can drop it in the right person's container. This should clear up clutter on the dining table practically over night.

The dining table probably also doubles as a desk for homework and work brought home from the office. This is not a problem so long as people clear their things away after them, which they all too often do not do. You can make it easier for people to tidy their work things from the dining table by having a cupboard close by just for these things.

Attempt to establish good habits early on in a child's life by encouraging it to eat off plates at all times because it catches crumbs and by always placing drinks on mats because it does not leave rings on varnished table tops which only have to be rubbed out later.

Another means to discourage family members from leaving items lying around on the table is to place a beautiful runner or tablecloth on it. Then put a centre piece on the table too. This could be a bowl of fruit or a few photographs. If you use the table for dining, you could do what they do in hotels and lay the table with the cutlery for the next meal as soon as one meal is over. It saves you a chore later on as well.


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